Our Boards of Directors

Bright Beginnings is dedicated to meeting the immediate needs of children and families living in homelessness.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Bright Beginnings has an extremely involved Board of Directors who donate their time  and expertise to ensure our programs and services address the challenges and needs of the children and families we serve. Our board is divided into several committees that allow members to actively support the organization through their respective areas of personal passion and professional expertise.


  • President: Stephen Niven
  • Vice President: Sheila Stinson
  • Treasurer: Shane McLaughlin
  • Secretary: Katie Lewin


  • Ann Bonham, Ph.D
  • Cynthia Booth
  • Susan Brobeck
  • Elena Cohen
  • Terri Copeland
  • Sara DeCarlo
  • Maria Estefania
  • Mark French
  • John Ferguson
  • M. Cameron Gilreath
  • Antwone Harris
  • Martie Kendrick Kettmer
  • Katie McLaughlin
  • Billie J. McSeveney
  • Kisha Merritt
  • Cynthia Prentiss
  • Nancy P. Register
  • Lauren Sharpless-Robinson